Scarcity Mindset vs. Abundance Mindset: How to Shift Your Vibration

Krystal Ward
3 min readMay 29, 2021


Are you a scarcity mindset thinker or an abundant mindset thinker? Every thought we have and decision we make is from either a place of fear or love. Most people usually experience a bit of both, but circumstances can really tip the scale.

Scarcity mindset has a sure-fire way of snowballing. As Carl Jung says, “what you resist not only persists, but it grows.”

As with everything in life, thoughts have a certain frequency. Scarcity and abundance vibrate on different (much different…) frequencies. There are simple steps for getting yourself off of the scarcity train and onto the abundance train.

The first step is awareness. Start by simply noticing where these polarities show up in your life. Some starters could be: monetary level in your bank account or credit card debt, friendships and relationships, material items, giving and receiving love, generosity, etc.

The second step is stopping scarcity thoughts in their tracks, aka re-framing. Re-framing simply takes a negative thought and turns it into a positive thought. There’s always a silver lining somewhere, even if it takes a moment or two to come up with one. Do you have $25,000 of credit card debt? Sure you might have to work a lot to pay it off over time, but the re-frame could look something like: “I’m so glad I had the option to borrow money when I needed it.”

I dropped the second half of my Dunkin’ iced coffee this morning, which was leftover from yesterday. My immediate thought was “Ah, shit! Why do I always do this?! (and it was free, so I wasn’t losing money).” My immediate re-frame was, “Well, we have plenty of coffee in the house, and I can just make more.”

Spilling that coffee actually a blessing because it gave me an opportunity to provide myself with conscious abundant thinking, which naturally snowballs, too. I probably ended up feeling better than if I hadn’t dropped the coffee.

This is a key component to manifestation. Manifesting is not sitting in your bed at night simply visualizing a fat bank account. Yes, that’s a very big PART of the formula, but another part is putting yourself on the vibration of receiving what it is that you want- the vibration of KNOWING that everything you want and need is here for you (it just takes patience sometimes).

What we believe about ourselves and the world is what our reality is made of! It’s quite beautiful (and somewhat mind-blowing) once you figure it out and can start using the knowledge to your benefit.

Do any of the beliefs in the image above speak to you you? If you experience some of the scarcity thoughts on a consistent basis, would you be willing to challenge yourself to start noticing them, and then re-framing them? Saying the re-frame aloud is very important because it gives your body a chance to hear and absorb your words, making them more powerful. Even if you don’t believe the re-frame immediately, if you say it over time, you’ll probably start to notice a positive shift somewhere in your life. If you really want to go for it, write a re-frame that you want to program into yourself and say it aloud 3 times for 21 days.



Krystal Ward

Krystal Ward is a health and life transformation coach who focuses on reducing stress with mindset, biohacking, and identity shifting.